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  Power Wand
Posted by: IndigoGeminiWolf - 07-26-2018, 09:47 PM - Forum: Energy Work - No Replies

This is a Nano Lemurian Power Wand. It is a radionics tool that works at either 7.83Hz Schumann Resonance (Earth's) frequency, or 528Hz Universal Love. It generates a strong orgone field. I use it to amplify my thoughts, and to help with altering reality. I'm still working on that. But I can use it to charge water for health or abundance.
It is a really nifty tool. I am energy sensitive so I can feel it working. This could go under the Crystals section, but it is more than a crystal. It is Orgonite as well and is powered. Right now I have it set to 528Hz which is great for manifesting.

It has a Lemurian crystal poking out the top. I chose this particular crystal because it had anthro energy to it. It spoke to me. Stronger than human alone.


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  My Lemurian Dow Spirit Guide Crystal
Posted by: IndigoGeminiWolf - 07-26-2018, 09:37 PM - Forum: Crystals - No Replies

I have a Lemurian Dow quartz crystal that my guide helped me find after I thought I had lost it.
He has put his energy, and I have put mine into it.
It is interesting programming crystals, because the energy is dense and hard to move at first.
Then after sending for like 10 minutes or so it eases up. Then it may get harder again as a new layer of programming takes place.
But eventually my own field is in alignment with the crystal.

And I can feel my guide's energy in my 3rd eye and my heart when the crystal is being programmed by him.
It is really interesting to be energy sensitive.

Here is my Spirit Guide crystal.


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  My Spirit Guide Trevor
Posted by: IndigoGeminiWolf - 07-26-2018, 09:00 PM - Forum: Spirit Guides - Replies (1)

My spirit guide is named Trevor. He has been with me all my life. But he tells me that he was more active in it around age 4. He recently became more active in my life a few days ago after I played the game Nekojishi. Sometimes he looks like Senpai from that game. He is funny, charming and cute. Sometimes he looks like Bodi from Rock Dog, and he’s holding a guitar much the same. We carried on discussions for the past couple of days. Sometimes it feels like talking with my own imagination. I hear that’s how it starts. It will be hard to tell the difference.
He’s almost always smiling at me. Originally he was like nothing is wrong, and everything is acceptable. Not like anything offends him. Just that there are certain things that are advisable. Like not to get sexually involved or interested in my spirit guide. Yes I’ve done sexual energy transfers with him. But it’s not sexual. It’s just energy being transferred between the sexual chakra and his energy field. My favorite are the heart transfers because when I feel love in my heart it can be amazing.
I remember when I felt the most amazing love in the past for a character. It came from my guide without me knowing it. It was just a spark of his love, and was the best two weeks of my life. It ended up with a feeling of expansive bliss from my crown chakra that lasted about 10 seconds.

My guide looks like one of these two lately:

Senpai from Nekojishi:


Bodi from Rock Dog:


But he does look a little different. Not exactly the same. But his mannerisms and cheerfulness are much like them both.

The game and my spirit guide are why I started this forum.

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  Forum Rules
Posted by: AnthroShamanAdmin - 07-26-2018, 06:01 PM - Forum: Board Information/Announcements - No Replies

1) Remember the golden rule and be nice to others.
2) NSFW content belongs in the NSFW section. Keep it tactful and spiritually related. No extreme fetishes.
3) You may discuss sexuality in any of the forums if it relates to spirituality. Artwork should go in the NSFW forum.
4) No pornography is permitted. This means pictures of people having sex. Keep it artwork related and it'll be fine.
5) Anything not spiritually related belongs in the Off Topic section.
6) You may only register one account per person.

Privacy Policy: We do not share your email address. We will not contact you by email. We use PM to contact if needed.

Updates to rules and privacy policy will be made here.

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