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Anthro Energy
As everything is an energy pattern, even anthros have energy patterns to them. There is a pattern that is anthro energy. If you are energy sensitive, like I am, you can feel it. You can resonate your body to it. Feel like what anthro would feel like.

It is stronger than human. More firm. More confident. Bigger in a way.

I use my Power Wand to amplify my intent of transforming my own energy into anthro energy. Maybe I can be fearless in that way. I just sit and meditate and rest in that energy. I am not expecting to shapeshift, but I do a transformation meditation on my body. On an energetic level I can become anthro, but it won't really affect me physically. Though it might keep me healthier and less prone to sickness.

I am not sick physically, but I do get aches and pains. But when a pain crops up I can deal with it usually in under a minute with thought alone. This is like the strong healing factor of an anthro body. Though if something serious were to happen I would just take longer to heal. But it would certainly be possible to heal from almost anything.

After all, we live in an illusion, a dream of sorts. And it is all powered by thought. Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve someone said.

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