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My Dog
Well, my dog is a feral of course, not an anthro. But I love him to death. I've heard some pets are people's familiars. Well I also heard that wolfdogs don't make good familiars because of their skittish nature. You can't really see through their eyes without really disturbing them. My dog carries a lot of anxiety that he has picked up from me. That is why I don't feel anxious any longer. But I can tell he's sometimes nervous. He hates it when people raise their voices. He gets so nervous.

I had to take him for surgery to remove a growth from his ear a few days ago. He's recovering nicely, but he has to wear that cone of shame for a couple of weeks. Honestly though he has it easy here. I don't pressure him, and he likes to lay on my bed. He loves the orgonite and energy devices I have. He rested his head on a radionics tool I brought home after he got used to it.

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